Guest Interview: Sue Todd, Illustrator

Part 2 of Susan Fae’s interview with me. Keep your eyes open for my next post of Susan’s answer to Question #2!

Susan Fae Art

Part II of IV

An interview with Sue Todd, Illustrator

Q/SF          Sue Todd, you have illustrated for publishers and writers, even for Spin Master Games!, are there times when you make art just for yourself? If so when do you know when its time to share your creation? and is it a feeling or a critique process that lets you know when you’re work is finished?

sue todd

A/SF           I think it all comes down to one feeling – passion! When something resonates with me for whatever reason, I will get charged up and excited and feel the need to express it somehow, whether as an image or an illustrated story. I often rely on critiques from colleagues and industry professionals before putting a story out there. On the other hand, one must be courageous and confident in one’s creation. I love…

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