Connecting with Sue Todd, Illustrator

Artist, Susan Fae, and I are engaged in a blog interview exchange in four parts. Here is a repost of Susan’s first interview with me.

Susan Fae Art

An interview with Sue Todd, Illustrator

Part I of IV

First, I would like to let you know that I met Sue Todd through social media, like most good things we connected because of “like mindedness” and admiration for each others art. A positive note on instagram from Sue Todd was “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” we are sharing our passion for art by posting a series of Questions and Answers from each other.

Q/Susan Fae          Often times we create an image because it’s in us to create, not always knowing why or how. Your linocut art has a “BOLD and a playful energy” sometimes even a little Goth! What stimulates your enthusiasm for creating and where (how) do you begin?

SueTodd rides her bikeA/Sue Todd          I believe that we creatives are often channels for ideas from the collective unconscious…

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