Interview by Kate Jaimet

Children’s author, journalist and filmmaker, Kate Jaimet, has interviewed me for a recent film project. Please follow this link to see a demonstration of my linocut illustration technique:

The Making of An African Alphabet

Coming March 14 to a bookstore near you, AN AFRICAN ALPHABET, written by awesome children’s author, Eric Walters, published by Orca Books and Illustrated by me!

The final cover art is accompanied by photos of my process: the rough dummy, a collage of carved linoleum, my printmaking press, and some final black and white prints. The next step is to scan the prints and colour them in Photoshop.

Carving The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito

Here is a montage of photos demonstrating my lino-carving technique. It is a relief printing technique similar to woodcut. The parts that are carved out are negative spaces and the remaining raised surface is the art. It is virtually the same process you used when making potato prints in kindergarten.

Excerpted from the wonderful cabaret by Cree playwright and musician, Tomson Highway, published by Fifth House/Fitzhenry & Whiteside.


Black History Month


I was commissioned by Andrew Perro Design to create a mockup for a Canada Post stamp. To illustrate this portrait of Mathieu Da Costa, the first black man to visit Canada in the early 1600s, I researched his life as a free African employed as a translator by French traders and explorers. Da Costa spoke French, Dutch, Portuguese and possibly some North American aboriginal languages. My interpretation of Mathieu is a hand-carved linocut with digital color.


An African Alphabet arrived!


Look what arrived on my doorstep today! My copies of the board book, AN AFRICAN ALPHABET, written by Eric Walters, published by Orca Books. I love drawing animals and had a great time with this commission. The art is hand carved linocut with digital colour.

The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito

Tomson Highway’s magical cabaret is now a 72 page picture book illustrated by me! It was such a pleasure to create 47 linocut illustrations to accompany Tomson Highway’s script about a wingless mosquito from Manitoba. The entire script is here, complete with song lyrics, stage directions, Cree vocabulary and challenging tongue twisters. Published by Fifth House/Fitzhenry & Whiteside.