I ❤️ Public Art!

It is a joy to see public art all over the place: on buildings, billboards, under bridges and on utility boxes. I was fortunate to be chosen to create art for a condominium hoarding in mid-town Toronto. Altree Developments, in collaboration with the STEPS Initiative, commissioned me to design four panels of art that were enlarged to fit a construction site. Scaled to ninety feet wide and duplicated to double the width, the exhibit occupies an entire city block and is the largest assignment of my career! My aim was to reflect a tapestry of natural beauty, both wild and tame, amidst the humming rhythm of an urban community. It was a most enjoyable challenge and a pleasure to contribute to my local neighbourhood.

Photo by Mila Bright
© Sue Todd Illustration

Interview with Orca Book Publishers

An African Alphabet Pgs 7-8

Coinciding with the launch of An African Alphabet, Orca Books has posted an interview about my linocutting technique, “Learning about Linocutting.” This board book, written by Eric Walters, introduces babies and toddlers to a unique collection of African animals.

Carving The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito

Here is a montage of photos demonstrating my lino-carving technique. It is a relief printing technique similar to woodcut. The parts that are carved out are negative spaces and the remaining raised surface is the art. It is virtually the same process you used when making potato prints in kindergarten.

Excerpted from the wonderful cabaret by Cree playwright and musician, Tomson Highway, published by Fifth House/Fitzhenry & Whiteside.